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Meet Our Team

Colette Holt & Associates (DBE)

Colette Holt & Associates is a national law and consulting firm specializing in issues related to Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs, supplier diversity initiatives, and affirmative action issues. The firm has conducted court-approved disparity studies and designed court-approved programs for over 25 years, including for numerous governments. Ms. Holt is also a frequent expert witness, and a media author, on these issues. We also provide training, monitoring and investigative services across the country to agencies and businesses. More information is available at our website:

Nervi’ Strategic Solutions, LLC (SBE)
Nervi’ Strategic Solutions strategically aligns disadvantaged, minority, women and small companies to compete in today’s challenging contracting industry in both the private and public environments. President Pam Ervin-Davis has over 25 years of experience in supplier diversity and has worked with partnerships of D//M/W/SBEs in all industries.

MRR & Associates, LLC (SBE)
MRR & Associates focuses on advocating for the needs of underserved business sectors at the local and national levels and is a leader in community outreach and engagement. Minerva Rodriguez, President & CEO, brings to bear years of experience in business affairs in the Dallas area, in Texas, and on the national and international arenas.